ROLLER Trademark

Trademark Overview

On Wednesday, September 6, 2006, a trademark application was filed for ROLLER with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO has given the ROLLER trademark a serial number of 79034343. The federal status of this trademark filing is NOT AVAILABLE as of Thursday, June 25, 2009. This trademark is owned by ROLLER GmbH & Co. KG. The ROLLER trademark is filed in the Advertising, Business and Retail Services category with the following description:

Advertising, management, business administration; office work; wholesale and retail services for the goods listed below-- paints, varnishes, lacquers, rust preventing agents, wood preservatives, dyes, mordants, raw natural resins, sheet metals and metals in powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists, detergents and bleaches, cleansing agents, polishes, grease removers and grinding agents, soaps, perfume goods, ethereal oils, body care products and cosmetics, hair lotions, tooth cleaning agents, technical oils and greases, lubricants, dust absorbers, dust moisteners and dust binders, fuels (including motor fuels) and luminous substances, candles and wicks for lighting purposes, non-precious metals and their alloys, building materials of metal, transportable buildings of metal, rail construction materials of metal, cables and wires of metal (not for electrical purposes), locksmith's goods and ironmongery, metal pipes, safes, metal goods included in class 6, ores, grape an...

General Information

Serial Number79034343
Filing DateWednesday, September 6, 2006
Status DateThursday, June 25, 2009
Registration Number0000000
Registration DateNOT AVAILABLE
Mark Drawing5000 - Drawing with word(s) / letter(s) / number(s) in Stylized form
Published for Opposition DateNOT AVAILABLE
Law Office Location CodeL50
CorrespondentManfred Wagner,
Wagner Rechtsanwälte
Lisdorfer Straße 14
66740 Saarlouis

Trademark Statements

Indication of Colors claimedThe color(s) blue and red is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.
Goods and ServicesAdvertising, management, business administration; office work; wholesale and retail services for the goods listed below-- paints, varnishes, lacquers, rust preventing agents, wood preservatives, dyes, mordants, raw natural resins, sheet metals and metals in powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists, detergents and bleaches, cleansing agents, polishes, grease removers and grinding agents, soaps, perfume goods, ethereal oils, body care products and cosmetics, hair lotions, tooth cleaning agents, technical oils and greases, lubricants, dust absorbers, dust moisteners and dust binders, fuels (including motor fuels) and luminous substances, candles and wicks for lighting purposes, non-precious metals and their alloys, building materials of metal, transportable buildings of metal, rail construction materials of metal, cables and wires of metal (not for electrical purposes), locksmith's goods and ironmongery, metal pipes, safes, metal goods included in class 6, ores, grape and fruit picking machines, waste presses, filling machines, exhaust gas catalysts, heel production machines, suction extractors for commercial purposes, separators (machines), wastewater sprays, adhesion bands for pulleys, anchor winches, starters for engines, painting machines, anti-friction bearings for machines, drive chains except for land vehicles, drive machines except for land vehicles, driver shafts except for land vehicles, fittings for machine boilers, ash filters (machines), lifts, paring machines, stoning machines, exhaust manifolds for engines, exhaust silencers for engines, acetylene cleaning devices, excavators, belt conveyors, belt machines, air cushion devices for moving loads, ventilation pumps for aquariums, mining machines, concrete mixing machines, irrigation machines for agriculture, bending machines, beer engines, beer pumps, binding machines, bellows for forging workshops, forging blowers, sheet metal printing machines, sheet feeder for printing purposes, floor polishers (parquet flooring) (electrical), floor polishing machines and devices (electrical), drill chucks (machine parts), drill heads (machine parts), drill bits (machine parts), drilling machines, drilling rigs (floating or non-floating), brewery machines, crushing mills, crushing machines, stampers (machines), brake blocks except for vehicles, brake linings except for vehicles, brake shoes except for vehicles, flame lances (machines), fuel converters for internal combustion engines, bread slicing machines, egg incubators, bookbinding devices and machines for industrial purposes, ironing machines, bulldozers, brushes (machine parts), brushes (electrical) (machine parts), butter vats, butter machines, steam oil separators, steam condensers (machine parts), steam mangles for textiles (portable), steam machines, steam cleaners, disintegrators, gaskets (engine parts), tin openers (electrical), draggers for shipping (automatic), drainage machines, turning lathes (machine tools), torque converters except for land vehicles, motor speed regulators for machines and motors, threshing machines, printing presses, compressed air conveyors, compressed air machines, compressed air motors, compressed air pumps, compressed air spray guns for filling compound, printing machines, printing plates, pressure reduction valves (machine parts), pressure regulators (machine parts), pressure valves (machine parts), pressure rollers (machine parts), pressure cylinders, jet engines except for land vehicles, dynamo brushes, dynamo belts, dynamos, dynamos for bicycles, harrows, packing machines, filter machine inserts, injection nozzles for engines, ejectors (suction jet pumps), electricity generators, electric hammers, electro-mechanical machines for the chemicals industry, electric motors except for land vehicles, elevators, elevators for agriculture, elevator belts, elevator chains (machine parts), degreasing machines, unloading funnels (machine parts), dedusting devices for cleaning purposes, earthmoving machines, ground borers for mining, mineral oil refining machines, ore processing machines, labelling machines, expansion tanks (machine parts), drop hammers, inking machines, dyeing machines, paint spray guns, inking systems for printing machines, springs (machine parts), heating flues for machine boilers, filters (parts of machines or motors), filtering machines, finishing machines, bottle sealing machines, bottle rinsing machines, bottle closing machines (machines to fit seal caps), hoists (machine-driven), braiding machines, meat chopping machines, aeroplane engines, conveying machines for pits, conveyor belts, conveyor machines, moulding machines, milling machines, free wheels except for land vehicles, household fruit presses (electrical), guide tracks for machines, filling machines, foot controls for sewing machines, baling presses/pelleting machines, grain binders (machines), gas producers, embossing machines, fans to compress, suck in and transport gases, fans to compress, suck in and transport grain, blower machines, housings for machines and motors, vegetable shredding machines, harnesses for looms, dishwashers, machine stands, machines for the production of carbonated drinks, electro-mechanical machines for the preparation of drinks, harvesters, flour mills, grain cleaning machines, grain shelling machines, transmissions except for land vehicles, thread tapping machines, thread cutting machines, foundry machines, glass processing machines, glaziers' diamonds (machine parts), smoothing presses (machines), track laying machines, spark plugs for diesel engines, trench digging machines, engraving machines, casting forms (machine parts), chaff cutting blades, stop cocks (machine or motor parts), hammers (machine parts), hand drills (electrical), machine-driven hand tools, winders (machinery), hoods (machine parts), lifting devices, hoisting winches (machines), stapling/stitching machines, hay rakes (machines), pitch forks, planing machines, high-pressure cleaners, wood processing machines, lifting devices, metallurgical hammers, hydraulic motors, hydraulic drives for machines and motors, adjusting machines, coffee grinders other than hand-operated, calenders (machines), universal joints, card clothing (machine parts), carding machines, notching machines (machine tools), boiler tubes (machine parts), boiler scale collectors for machine boilers, chainsaws, flaps for machines, electrical adhesive guns, adhesive strip dispensers (machines), blades (machine parts), kneading machines, carbon brushes (electricity), pistons (machine or motor parts), pistons for engines, piston rings, compressors (machines), compressors for cooling systems, condensing systems, fuel economy devices for engines, cranes (lifting gear), food processors and blenders (electrical), ball bearings, ball bearing rings, engine radiators, cultivators (machines), couplings (joints) except for land vehicles, cranks (machine parts), crankshafts, charging appliances, cargo booms, loading ramps, bearings (machine parts), bearing blocks for machines, bearing necks (machine parts), agricultural devices other than hand-operated, agricultural machines, freight lifts, overhead travelling cranes, leather processing machines, leather grinding machines, photosetting machines, lifts, mandrel plugs for hole punching machines, hole punching machines, gas-operated soldering machines, gas-operated soldering irons, gas-operated soldering tubes, air filters for engines, air capacitors, air condensers, air pumps (as garage equipment), harvester binders, combine-harvesters, grain reapers, grain reaper blades, mangles (machines), industrial manipulators (machines), machines for the textile industry, machines for the manufacture of bitumen, machine and motor housings, machine housings, machine boilers, machine wheels, machine stands, machine tables, machine shafts, material lifts, matrices for printing purposes, matrix boxes for printing purposes, chisels (electrical), chisels for machines, chiselling machines, milking machines, knives (electrical), blades (machine parts), blade holders (machine parts), knife grinding machines, metalworking machines, milk centrifuges, machines for the production of mineral water, mixing machines, driving/carrier devices (machine parts), mixers (machines), household mixers (electrical), dairy machines, motor and machine housings, engines for boats and ships, aircraft engines, hovercraft engines, engines except for land vehicles, mills (machines), mills for household purposes (not hand-operated), millstones, milling machines, waste disintegrators, sewing machines, electro-mechanical machines for the preparation of foods, riveting machines, emergency power generators, paper production machines, paper machines, pepper mills (not hand-operated), ploughs, ploughshares, guns (hand tools with blast cartridges), plate printing machines, connecting rods for machines and motors, pneumatic drives for machines and motors, polishing machines and devices (electrical), embossing machines, tympans for printing machines, presses (for fruit), presses (machines for commercial purposes), pressure filters, hydraulic drills, pressure rollers, puddling machines, pumps (machine or motor parts), pumps (machines), pumps for heating installations, pump membranes, wheel gears except for land vehicles, gear trains for machines, frames for embroidery machines, pile drivers (machines), lawnmowers (machines), turf cutters, freezing machines, rakes for haymaker machines, reduction gears other than for land vehicles, control units (machine parts), automatic cleaners, cleaning machines and devices (electrical), levelling machines, belts for machines, robots (machines), diggers (machines), pipe conveyor systems (pneumatic), roller bearings, moving staircases, rotary presses, beetroot shredding machines, stirring devices (electrical), stirring machines, saw blades (machine parts), sawhorses (machine parts), saws (machines), sawing machines, calender glazing machines, exhausters, suction extractors for commercial purposes, suction cups for milking machines, hemming machines, peeling machines, clutches except for land vehicles, sharpening machines, bucket excavators, scissors (electrical), shearing machines, slide units (machine parts), track laying machines, marine engines, beating machines, mud drums (machines), hose reels (machine-driven), power grinders, grinding discs (machine parts), whetstones (machine parts), carriages for knitting machines, carriage supports (machine parts), smithy blowers, bellows for smithies, grease boxes (machine parts), lubricating feed mechanisms, lubrication rings (machine and motor parts), lubricating devices (machine parts), household whisks (electrical), snow ploughs, gas-operated flame cutters, cutting machines, cord-making machines, coal cutting machines, shoe bars (machine parts), electrical shoe cleaning devices, protective rags for machines, gas-operated welding devices, welding machines (electrical), flywheels for machines, pulleys (machine parts), self-lubricating bearings, separators (machines), typesetting machines (printshops), shampoo machines and devices for cleaning rugs and carpets (electrical), sifting plants, sieves (machines or machine parts), sifting machines, sealing machines for commercial purposes, sorting machines for industrial purposes, clamping chucks (machine parts), feed devices for machine boilers, feed devices for vaporizing, feed-water de-aerators, feed-water controllers, spinning frames, spinning machines, spinning wheels, lace production machines, coils for machines, coils for looms, steel converters, stators (machine parts), vacuum extractor devices for cleaning purposes, vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner tubes, vacuum cleaner accessories to spray aromas and disinfectants, stoneworking machines, franking machines, stereotyping machines, control devices for machines or motors, control cables for machines or motors, stuffing boxes (machine parts), plugging machines, shock absorber pistons (machine parts), road laying machines, road sweeping machines (self-operating), knitting machines, straw cutters, power generators, tobacco processing machines, tar spraying machines, pasta production machines, chipless cutting machines, deep drawing presses, animal shearing machines, potters' wheels, transmission bearings, conveyor belts, drive chains except for land vehicles, drive chains for engines or motors, vehicle engines except for land vehicles, centrifugal driers, machine drums, whitewashing machines, turbines except for land vehicles, turbo-compressors, type foundry machines (printshop), typographic machines, typographic presses, superheaters, transmission gears for vehicles except for land vehicles, transmission gears for machines, superchargers, environmental protection machines for engines, universal domestic food processors (electrical), weeding machines, reducing gears except for land vehicles, vacuum pumps (machines), ventilators for engines, ventilator belts for engines, valves (machine parts), carburettors, bottle corking machines, packing machines, packing machines (wrapping machines), vibrators (machines) for industrial purposes, curtain motors (electrical), vulcanising machines, jacks (machines), wagon lifts, rollers for rolling machines, rolling mills (machines), heat exchangers (machine parts), vehicle wash installations, washing devices, laundry washing machines, washing machines, coin-operated washing machines, machines for the production of carbonated water, water separators, water heaters (machine parts), water turbines, weaving harnesses, weaving shuttles (machine parts), looms, looms (machines), loom shafts, alternators, shaft couplings (machines), tools (machine parts), tool holders (machine parts), machine tools, winches, reels for fishing (machines), knitting looms, laundry wringing machines, sausage machines, rack and pinion jacks, pivot bearings, fuel dispensing machines, central vacuum extractor installations, centrifugal mills, centrifugal pumps, centrifuges (machines), household chopping/crushing machines (electrical), chopping/crushing machines for commercial purposes, atomisers (machines), cigarette machines (for commercial purposes), machines for the sugar industry, spark plugs for internal combustion engines, magnetos, magnetos for engines, ignition devices for internal combustion engines, cutting machines, cylinders for machines, cylinders for engines, cylinder pistons, cylinder heads for engines, equipment and tools for skinning animals, hand-held equipment for filling, blacksmiths' chisels (hand tools), whetting belts (razor stroppers), steel sharpeners, reamers, oyster openers, axes (hatchets), axes (small), bayonets, beard trimmers, tree cutters, pruning shears, drill bits (hand tool parts), drills, drills (hand tools), drill holders (hand tools), ratchet drills (hand tools), crank drill extensions for screw taps, boring bits (hand tools), boring bars, crank braces (hand tools), blocking axes, branding irons (devices to apply branding marks), smoothing irons (not electrical), scythe hammers, sealing irons, tin openers (not electrical), drill bits, driving hammers, irons (hand tools, not electrical), ice picks, equipment for skinning slaughtered cattle, epilators (electrical and non-electrical), silverware (cutlery, forks and spoons), cases for shavers, paint spatulas, sledgehammers (hammers), pen knives, tweezers, files, fish cleaning knives, meat chopping knives (hand tools), mortising machines (hand tools), hairdressing appliances (hand-operated, not electrical), forks (tableware), forks (hand tools), garden knives (small), garden shears, garden tools (hand-operated), embossing irons, retaining clamps (hand tools), vegetable knives, frames for hand saws, screw taps (hand tools), die holder stocks (hand tools), casting ladles (hand-operated), glaziers' diamonds (hand tool parts), smoothing irons, punches, hair tongs, hair removal devices (electrical and non-electrical), hair cutting machines (electrical and non-electrical), hoes (hand tools), choppers, hammers (hand tools), hand drills, hand pumps, hand tampers, hand tools (hand-operated), rakes (hand tools), harpoons, harpoons for catching fish, levers, lifting winches (hand-operated), flax combs (hand tools), hedge shears (hand-operated), cutting and piercing weapons, pruning knives, planes, plane irons, hollow drills, hollow drills (hand tools), mallets, paring knives, hunting knives, weeding hoes (hand tools), card punching instruments, fluting irons, trowels (tools), cudgels (thrust weapons), scrapers (hand tools), cross-cut chisels, bushhammers, agricultural devices (hand-operated), jig saws, snuffers, hole punches (hand tools), punch pliers (hand tools), spoons, machetes, electrical manicure accessories, manicure accessories, trowels, chisels (hand-operated tools), knives (hand tools), knives (weapons), cutters, cutters for cornice planes, cutters for descaling fish, knives, mini scythes, mortars (crushing bowls), coin collectors, needle threaders, needle-point files, nail files, nail files (electrical), nail/skin clippers, nail polishers (electrical or non-electrical), nail scissors (electrical or non-electrical), nail clippers, nail pullers, riveting hammers, rivet head tools (hand tools), riveting tools, numbering tongs, nutcrackers not made of precious metal, fruit pickers (hand tools), ear piercers, grafting knives, equipment for the extermination of plant parasites, pedicure accessories, plant lifters, paving rammers (hand tools), corking knives (hand tools), picks (hand tools), tweezers, tweezers for epilation, guns (hand tools), guns to spray surface fillers (hand-operated), chasing tools (hand tools), knurling tools, lawnmowers (hand-operated), electrical or non-electrical shavers, razor blades, open razors, open razor strops, shaving accessories, pruning knives, rakes (hand tools), reamers, reamer couplers, files (hand tools), tyre knives, screw plates, diggers (tools), pipe cutters (hand tools), pipe cutting tools, sabres, sabre bezels, saw blades (hand tool parts), saw bows, saws (hand tools), saw holders, scrapers (hand tools), instruments for grinding and sharpening, shovels (hand tools), shears (metal, tree or garden shears), shears, shear blades, shearing devices (hand-operated), equipment for the slaughtering of cattle, mallets (hand tools), knuckledusters, mallets (peen), grinding tools (hand-operated), grinders for knives and blades, grinding discs (hand tools), grinding discs (emery paper), grindstones, wrenches (tools), abrasive grinding wheels, blades, cutting tools, cutters (hand tools), cutter bars, screwdrivers, vices, g-clamps, shoe bars for cobblers (tools), fire pokers, shoemakers' knives, swords, scythes, scythe rings, scythe grindstones, set hammers, sickles, cornice planes, filling trowels (hand tools), tensioning spindles (tools), tensioning tools for metal bands and metal wire, spades, bills, picks, pointed chisels (hand tools), splicing drifts, insecticide sprayers (hand-operated), stampers (tools), bar drills, stamping punches (hand tools), punching tools (hand tools), knapping hammers, wood chisels, pokers, mortise axes, mortise axes (hand tools), animal shearers, weeding hoes (hand tools), weeders, cattle stunners, cattle marking devices, cattle shearers, jacks (hand-operated), flexing tools, fullers (hand tools), tools (hand-operated), tool sharpening steels, grindstone containers, grindstones, chopping knives, chopping knives for vegetables, tap wrenches, set-squares (hand tools), pliers, insecticide atomisers (hand-operated), drawing knives, gimlets, sugar tongs, lighting, heating, smoke production, boiling, cooling, drying, ventilation and water transmission devices and sanitary facilities, precious metals and their alloys, and goods made of or plated with such metals, included in class 14, jewellery, personal ornaments, precious stones, clocks, watches and time measuring instruments, paper, cardboard (card) and goods of these materials, included in class 16, printing products, bookbinding articles, photographs, stationery, adhesives for stationery or household purposes, artists' accessories, brushes, typewriters and office articles (except furniture), teaching and learning materials (except devices), plastic packaging material, included in class 16, printed letters, printing blocks, leather and imitation leather and products made of these materials, included in class 18, skins and furs, luggage cases and small cases, umbrellas, sunshades and walking sticks, whips, riding harnesses and saddle goods, furniture, mirrors, frames, goods included in class 20 and made of wood, cork, reed, rattan, willow, horn, bone, ivory, fishbone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, sepiolite and their substitutes or of plastics, devices and containers for household and kitchen (not made of or plated with precious metal), combs and sponges, brushes (with the exception of paint brushes), brushmaking material, cleaning equipment, steel chips, raw or partly treated glass (with the exception of building glass), glass products, porcelain and stoneware included in class 21, woven fabric and textiles included in class 24, bed covers and tablecloths, garments, footwear, head coverings, games, toys, gymnastic and sports articles included in class 28, Christmas tree decorations, carpets, foot mats, mats, linoleum and other floor coverings, and wallpaper (except textile wall coverings)

Classification Information

International Class035 - Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions.
US Class Codes100, 101, 102
Class Status Code6 - Active
Class Status DateThursday, March 1, 2007
Primary Code035
First Use Anywhere DateNOT AVAILABLE
First Use In Commerce DateNOT AVAILABLE

Trademark Owner History

Party NameROLLER GmbH & Co. KG
Party Type10 - Original Applicant
Legal Entity Type98 - Unknown
AddressWilly-Brandt-Allee 72
45891 Gelsenkirchen

Trademark Events

Event DateEvent Description
Thursday, April 5, 2007REFUSAL PROCESSED BY IB
Monday, March 19, 2007REFUSAL PROCESSED BY MPU
Thursday, March 15, 2007NON-FINAL ACTION WRITTEN
Thursday, March 1, 2007ASSIGNED TO EXAMINER
Thursday, March 1, 2007SN ASSIGNED FOR SECT 66A APPL FROM IB