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About Alter

While working on our own startup ideas we noticed how difficult it was to find good business names, especially since they needed an accompanying domain name in today's high-tech world. And with millions of businesses around the world competing for customer attention, the brand name becomes ever so important.

A premium name can help a company stand out from the crowd. However, finding a great domain is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Most good domains are already taken.

This is why we built Alter, a business name generator that helps entrepreneurs find premium domain names.


These are the benefits of selling your domain names on the Alter marketplace.

High Visibility
We market your names across the internet to find buyers.
Stylish Design
Each name comes with a stylish logo and catchy description.
Offer buyers the option to pay through a payment plan.
No Hidden Fees
There are no listing fees, logo fees, or withdrawal fees.
Low Commission
We charge a 10% commission fee when your name sells.

How It Works

1. Add Domains
Add all your domains to our marketplace. Then verify and list them by changing their nameservers to Alter's. Our platform will automatically create attractive landing pages for your domain names with stylish logos and catchy descriptions.
2. Get Sales
Once listed, we'll promote your domains across various marketing channels like PPC, SEO, social media, remarketing, and many more. You can also choose to list them on over 650 partner marketplaces and registrars for maximum exposure.
3. Cash Out
When a domain is sold and payment from the buyer is secured, we'll send you transfer instructions. Once it's transferred, we'll deposit your profit into your account balance which you can cash out at any time via different payment methods.

Installment Plans

Alter offers sellers the ability to sell domains via monthly installments. This allows buyers to spread their payments over 3-36 months making the purchase more affordable. Offering installments will typically lead to quicker sales.

Here's how installments work:

  1. When a buyer purchases your domain, we will ask you to transfer the domain into our escrow account.
  2. Once the domain is transferred into our escrow account, you will receive the first payment (minus our commission).
  3. You will continue to receive payments every month until the domain is paid off at which point we will transfer the domain to the buyer and the purchase will be completed.
  4. If a payment fails, the buyer will have 14 days to update their billing information. If they default, the domain will be transferred back to you and you will get to keep all the profit.
  5. Either Alter or the buyer will pay for all domain renewal fees while the domain is held in escrow.

Installments are disabled by default. You can enable them for each individual domain once accepted by clicking on the "Configure Installments" button found next to it on the "Domains" page. You can also configure installments for all your domains in bulk by heading over to your account "Settings" page and then clicking on the "Installments" button.

Please note that once a domain is sold, you cannot change the installment settings for it and you are obligated to continue with the sale.


How much commission do you take on each sale?
We take 10% commission for each domain sold through our marketplace. We use this fee to market your domains to potential buyers and help operate our business.

Are there any other fees besides the commission?
No, our commission is all-inclusive. There are no listing fees, logo fees, or withdrawal fees.

Can I sell my domains in monthly installments?
Yes, you can enable monthly installments for each individual domain once it has been accepted.

Where do you market my domains?
Your domains are promoted across various marketing channels like PPC, SEO, social media, remarketing, and many more. Additionally, you have the option to automatically list domains with a fixed "Buy Now" price on over 650 partner marketplaces and registrars for maximum exposure including:
  • Sedo, DAN, IONOS, Namecheap, Network Solutions,, Epik, NameSilo, Hover, Dynadot,, BigRock, 101domain, SnapNames, Sav, Hexonet,, Moniker, Rebel, InterNetX, Dofo, WebNames, and more
This benefit helps you save a ton of time because you don't have to worry about dealing with different companies, updating prices across accounts, re-verifying domains, etc. Sydication is disabled by default. You can enable it by heading over to your account "Settings" page and then clicking on the "Syndication" button.

Can I list my domains anywhere else?
Yes, you can list your domains wherever else you like. However, if we are already syndicating your domains to the partners mentioned above then we ask that you do not list them there yourself in order to protect our relationships with those companies because duplicate listings take a lot of manual effort to sort out.

Do I pay higher commission on domains sold through other marketplaces?
No, you will still only pay 10% of the price assigned to your domains on Alter. We simply list them at slightly higher prices on other marketplaces to compensate for their higher commission.

Do you create logos for my domain names?
Yes, our platform will automatically create basic logos for all your domains which can be edited using our easy-to-use logo editor found in your account. Optionally, you can have our designers create a professional logo for just $5 or even upload your own for free.

Do you write descriptions for my domain names?
Yes, our platform will automatically write catchy descriptions for all your domains. You can also edit these descriptions and categorize domains in your account.

Do you provide analytics for my domain listings?
Yes, you can view the daily traffic of your listings in your account dashboard. This includes the number of unique visitors along with the number of times your domains were favorited.

How do I list my domains on your marketplace?
To get started, simply create a seller account and click on the "Add Domains" button located at the top right corner of the "Domains" page.

Do I have to redirect my domains to Alter?
Yes, this allows potential buyers who visit your domains to know that they're for sale. Also, our optimized sales landing pages will help sell your domains faster.

Can I remove my domains from your marketplace at any time?
You can delist your domains from our marketplace whenever you wish by logging into your seller account. However, we kindly ask that you don't remove them too fast because we make a lot of upfront investment to promote your domains.

What cash out methods do you support?
We support PayPal, Payoneer, ACH and wire transfers. A processing fee of $45 USD will be applied to wires under $5,000 USD.

Where can I get additional help if I still have questions?
Get in touch with our support team at any time. We're always happy to help!

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