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About Alter

While working on our own startup ideas we noticed how difficult it was to find good business names, especially since they needed an accompanying domain name in today's high-tech world. And with millions of businesses around the world competing for customer attention, the brand name becomes ever so important. A premium name can help a company stand out from the crowd. However, finding a great domain name is like looking for a needle in the haystack.

This is why we built Alter, a domain marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with premium business names. Domains found on our marketplace are carefully hand-picked and professionally appraised by our team of branding experts.


These are the benefits of selling your domain names on the Alter marketplace.

High Visibility
We market your names across the internet to find buyers.
Professional Logo
A professionally designed logo is included with every name.
List your names anywhere else or delist them at any time.
No Hidden Fees
There are no listing fees, logo fees, or withdrawal fees.
Low Commission
We charge a 10% commission fee when your name sells.

How It Works

1. Submit Domains
Submit your domain names for consideration. If accepted, our team will professionally appraise them and ask you for approval to continue with their marketplace listings. This process takes about 24-72 hours on average.
2. Verify Ownership
To continue listing your domains with us, simply verify and forward them to our site by changing their nameservers to Alter's. Domains must be pointed to our nameservers at all times while on our marketplace.
3. List Domains
Once verified, we'll create professional logos and descriptions for your domain names. Then we'll list them on our marketplace with thousands of potential buyers. This process takes another 24-72 hours on average.
4. Cash Out
When a domain is sold and we've secured payment from the buyer, we'll send you transfer instructions. Once it's transferred, we'll deposit your profit into your account balance which you can cash out at any time.


What type of names does Alter accept for listing?
We accept brandable domain names that great products and companies can be built on. Take a look at our existing listings to learn more about the types of names we're looking for.

Where do you market my domains?
We market your domains across various online and offline marketing channels. Our goal is to sell your domain as quickly as possible because we only succeed when you succeed.

How are my domains appraised?
Your domains are appraised by our team of market experts using a number of factors including their meaning, length, brand potential, and comparable sales.

Do you create logos for my domain names?
Yes, we work with professional graphic designers to create attractive logos for all your domain listings.

Do you provide analytics for my domain listings?
Yes, you can view the daily traffic of your listings in your account dashboard. This includes the number of unique visitors along with the number of times your domains were favorited.

How do I submit my domains for listing?
To get started, simply create a seller account and click on the "Add Domains" button located at the top right corner of the "Domains" page.

How much commission do you take on each sale?
We take a 10% commission on each domain sold through our marketplace. We use this fee to market your domains to potential buyers and help operate our business.

Are there any other fees besides the commission?
No, our commission is all-inclusive. There are no listing fees, logo fees, or withdrawal fees.

Can I list my domains on other marketplaces?
Yes, you can list your domains anywhere you like but we kindly ask that you don't list them for a lower price than our appraisal to avoid confusing buyers and hurting our sales efforts.

Do I have to redirect my domains to Alter?
Yes, this allows potential buyers who visit your domains to know that they're for sale. Also, our optimized sales landing pages will help sell your domains faster.

Can I remove my domains from your marketplace at any time?
Yes, you can delist your domains from our marketplace whenever you wish by logging into your seller account.

What cash out methods do you support?
We support PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfers. Wire transfers are allowed for amounts larger than $5,000 USD.

Where can I get additional help if I still have questions?
Get in touch with our support team at any time. We're always happy to help!

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