Industry News Blog

It's the perfect business idea for entrepreneurs with research and writing experience.

Industry News Overview

People want to know things. Humans crave information for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes it's for safety and to keep aware of their surroundings. Other times it's out of interest and curiosity. After all, knowledge is power.
Create a blog that covers news in your specific industry. Include opinion pieces to share your own perspective of the news to make it interesting. Start with an industry you're familiar with to build an audience. Then expand into other industries.

Business Model

Revenue Stream
B2C › Advertising
Show advertisements across all your blog pages. Use an ad network like Google AdSense or Taboola initially. Then sell ads directly to clients for higher margin once the readership grows.
Marketing Channels
Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing
Direct Selling
Email Marketing
PPC Advertising
Referral Program
Social Media
Word of Mouth

Buyer Persona

Occupation Any
Personality Reader
Age 25-70
Gender Male, Female
Location World
Education High School
Income $30K - $140K
  • Stay informed about topics
  • Contribute to conversations
  • Follow own curiosity
  • Find interesting material
  • Avoid biased content
  • Increase in anxiety

SWOT Analysis

  • Personal experience in a specific or niche industry
  • Extremely low personal capital requirement
  • Other strengths you may possess
  • Establishing a brand in a crowded market will be challenging
  • Generating decent income through digital advertising will require a large readership
  • Other weaknesses you may possess
  • News market is evergreen and will grow over a long time
  • People are looking for more trustworthy and unbiased content
  • Affiliate marketing can be added as another income stream
  • Readers may prefer more familiar sources
  • Audience may develop information fatigue as blogging industry grows
  • May be difficult to stand out against competition

Estimated Market Size

Total Available Market
Potential Available Market
Target Market
Total Available Market
Total market you can theoretically reach if there were no competitors like readers for all industries. Also called Total Addressable Market (TAM).
Potential Available Market
Segment of TAM you can potentially reach if you were a market leader like readers for multiple industries. Also called Serviceable Available Market (SAM).
Target Market
Portion of SAM you can realistically reach in the first few years of your business like readers for specific industry. Also called Share of Market (SOM).

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