About Us

Our mission is to safely connect people with businesses.

Our Story

On average, why do 97% of website visitors leave empty-handed? They must have come to the website looking for something. Perhaps they didn't find it fast enough. Makes sense as the average human attention span is 7 seconds today according to a study by Microsoft. This is less than the attention span of a goldfish!

What if visitors were able to find what they wanted quickly without having to click around on the website? This is the problem we set out to solve. And we realized the best way to solve it was through website personalization where visitors are carefully matched with content based on their individual interests, behaviors, and attributes. After all, every person is unique so why show them all the same exact content? That's like forcing everyone to wear the same exact clothes! Personalization benefits both visitors as they can save valuable time and businesses as they can prevent interested visitors from leaving unintentionally.

In order to accomplish this, we needed to find a way to store visitor data somewhere safe. Traditionally, technology companies have stored this type of data on company servers. But we understood this was a huge security risk and blatantly compromised visitor privacy as anyone in the company could access their data on demand. Not to mention hackers who have already penetrated a number of large companies like Yahoo and LinkedIn. So we challenged ourselves to find a better, safer way. We wanted to be a different kind of company that actually cared about people's privacy.

We have developed patent pending technology that anonymously determines visitor interests and behaviors as they surf the website and safely stores them inside their own browser, later allowing the business to match them with personalized website content. Visitor data is strictly stored on their own device which ensures their complete privacy and safety.

We've made it our mission to safely connect people with businesses.

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If you're looking to mention us in your article or blog post, please use one of our logos below. The RGB value for the color purple in our logo is #806FD0. If you need a different version of our logo, please let us know.

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