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How to Name Your Business

It's essential to understand how valuable a great business name can be for your company or brand. Investing your time and resources into selecting the right name for your company will make all the difference in the world so choose wisely. Here are some tips to keep in mind while using our business name generator.

Make it memorable
It's a bad sign if customers have to constantly ask you for the name of your company. You want a name that is catchy and memorable so it stays on top of people's minds. Shorter brand names are generally easier to remember.
Differentiate yourself
A great product or service alone just won't cut it when there are millions of businesses competing for customer attention around the world. A unique and distinct brand name can help your company stand out from the crowd.
Evoke a feeling
Humans are emotional creatures that primarily rely on their feelings to make decisions. Your customers will care about how your business name makes them feel so evoke a feeling inside them that coincides with your brand image.
Test it out
Don't keep the name you like a secret. Mention it to your friends, family, or coworkers for feedback. Ask for their first impression because that's likely what your customers will be thinking about when they hear your business name.
Get the domain
In today's tech-savvy world, it's crucial to have a domain that matches your company name because a lot of your customers will visit your website. Use our business name generator to find names that come pre-packaged with a domain and logo.
Check for conflicts
Before you commit to a name, check to see if there are any other companies using it especially those in the same industry. Follow that up with a quick trademark search. Make sure there aren't any potential conflicts before moving forward.

Choosing the right company name can feel overwhelming and frustrating at times but we're here to help. Our marketplace has thousands of brand names available for your next business, startup, product, or service idea. So what are you waiting for? Start generating business names now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the business name generator work?
Simply enter a keyword that best describes your brand into the search field above and the business name generator will generate hundreds, if not thousands, of possibilities for you. The unique thing about our business name generator is that every name generated comes pre-packaged with a domain and logo.

How much does the business name generator cost?
The business name generator is completely free to use and you can generate as many names as you like.

How important is a business name?
Most new entrepreneurs don't think about their business name too much but it's a big deal. Choosing the right name for your business is as crucial as naming your newborn. Just like how an awkward name can make your child's life unnecessarily complicated, a bad business name can stifle your company's growth. Don't believe it? Check out this list of famous companies that all ended up changing their names:
How do I come up with a catchy business name?
"Catchiness" is somewhat of a subjective matter, but great names are always easy to remember. Unique, clever, yet familiar ideas often perform the best. And of course, short names are better, all other factors being equal. They're easier to remember. They're easier to type. They're harder to misspell and/or mispronounce. And they can even save you money on your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Why does my domain name matter?
It's because your domain name has such a huge impact in so many areas of your business like these:
Why are domain names so expensive?
You might be skeptical about the real value of a domain name. You might think, it's just an address to your website; it doesn't affect your core brand, your products, or your services. But it doesn't take much research to see just how valuable domains are. It's true that you can pick up a basic domain for just a few dollars, but the best domains in the world are highly sought after by experienced entrepreneurs, thus driving up the price significantly. Why? Because they know just how important and valuable the right domain can be for their business. You may find it surprising but the domain was sold in 2019 for $30 million, one of the largest publicly reported sales of all time. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our list of top domain sales.

How can I check for trademark conflicts around a name?
You can use our trademark search engine to perform free basic searches yourself. However, trademarks are a complicated subject so we recommend talking to a trademark attorney. For instance, you may still be able to use a name even if it's trademarked if your business is in a different industry.

Where can I get additional help if I still have questions?
Get in touch with our support team at any time. We're always happy to help!