Convert More Visitors With Personalization

Increase website conversions by personalizing content for your visitors based on their interests, behaviors, and attributes.

What is the problem?

Most websites have a conversion rate of 3% which means 97% of visitors leave without making a purchase because they couldn't find what they were looking for fast enough. The average visitor attention span is 7 seconds today!

How do I solve it?

Alter helps you grow your business and increase website conversions by allowing you to personalize content for your visitors based on their interests, behaviors, and attributes so they can quickly find what they want.

How does it work?

Our patent pending technology anonymously determines visitor interests and behaviors as they surf your website and safely stores them inside their own browser, later allowing you to match them with personalized content.

Laser Target Visitors

Target specific groups or segments of your visitors that match your selected criteria. For example, you can target visitors who are:

  • Interested in shoes
  • Looking for tax software
  • Clicking on an AdWords ad
  • Opening a MailChimp email
  • Surfing for 5 minutes
  • Visiting after 10 days
  • Landing on the pricing page
  • Using a mobile device
  • Located in United States
  • Speaking Spanish language
  • And much more...

Easily Personalize Content

Personalize your website content for different visitors using our easy-to-use and intuitive website editor built for marketers and other non-technical professionals. No IT needed.

Display personalized content in minutes based on visitor interests, behaviors, and attributes such as gender, country, device, operating system, web browser, language, custom URL query parameters, and much more.

Clearly See Results

We hold back a small portion of your traffic and use that data to calculate the increase in visitor engagement rate on your website due to the personalization, known as lift.

Lift helps you easily understand the overall impact of each individual personalization without having to worry about setting up and configuring conversion goals on your website.

Automatic A/B Testing

We'll automatically A/B test personalizations proportionally against other published personalizations that target the same visitors for maximum effectiveness.

Super Fast Performance

Our super fast servers will deliver personalized website content to your visitors in real-time within milliseconds across any device all without any flickering.

Complete Visitor Privacy

Visitor data is strictly stored on their own device which ensures their complete privacy and safety. We've made it our mission to safely connect people with businesses.


Stop wasting 97% of your traffic!

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