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Boost visitor engagement, pageviews, and conversions with personalized content recommendations.

How It Works

1. Install Snippet

Add our one-line JavaScript tag to your site and let our AI-powered software handle the rest.

2. Alter Learns

Alter crawls your site to understand your content (news articles, blog posts, case studies, etc).

3. Visitors Engage

Visitors are shown personalized recommendations at the right time to help increase engagement.

Big Problem

Every person is unique with their own interests and perspectives so why do most sites continue to push the same content to everyone (e.g. popular/recent articles)? That's no different than trying to force everyone to wear the same clothes.

Automated Solution

Alter will automatically analyze your site and study your visitors. Then using AI-powered algorithms, it will recommend personalized content to your visitors based on their interests and behaviors to help keep them more engaged and spend more time on your site. It's the perfect way to increase pageviews and conversions too.

Manual Override

Not ready for autopilot? Want to control content being recommended to your visitors? We've got you covered. You can activate, deactivate, and prioritize content at any time. You're always in complete control.

Custom Branding

We understand every business is unique. This is why our software is programmed to automatically match your website's branding. You can also upload a custom background image for your recommendation widget.

Clear Results

Alter will study your existing traffic and use that data to calculate the increase in visitor engagement and conversions, allowing you to easily see the impact our software has had on your bottom line.

Quick Installation

Alter works with any type of website whether it's built from scratch or using a platform like WordPress. Simply add our one-line JavaScript tag to your site and let our AI-powered software handle the rest.

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